Wedding Planning During Lockdown in Melbourne: Discussions, Emotions & Love!

We recently reached out on Instagram and had so many great discussions with couples about how their Wedding Day and specifically, priorities have changed since all of this chaos started.

There are always positives to any situation, and I am excited to work with my couples to make their day super special.

We decided to share 2 Q&A’s from our couples experience. I hope you enjoy the read.

Love Cass xx

Janine & Jack married in late June in between the lock downs in Melbourne

Cass: Have any of your priorities changed, or perhaps your intention of what marriage means to you guys?

Couple 1: Yes yes yes! And I’m so grateful that it has, it sounds a bit wild but, not seeing any friends or distance relatives for the last 6 months has really put things into perspective for us. We are planning this big day to align with a stereo type, or idea that society has created. Adam and I are grateful if we can have our full guest list there but if it just happened to be him (and immediate family) and him were not phased, we are finally planning a wedding that is just about us and it feels great.

After changing plans again and again, they opted for a small Ceremony with 6 of their closest family members and their wider family & friends tuning in via Zoom!

Cass: Are you keen on working with a videographer if you do decide to go ahead with a smaller Wedding Day so you can share the special moments with your larger guests? 

Couple 1: We will keep both video and photography, cause we are so excited with our vendors, and documentation is huge for me personally. I want to be able to show our children one day!

Cass: What moments matter most to you now?

Couple 1: Adam and I definitely aren’t afraid to stray away from traditional things, if anything we try to go as far away as possible. Unpopular Opinion: tradition is just another word for doing things you THINK you have (cause others have) to not what you WANT too!

Janines brother Stefan designed their invitations and created a Wedding Service booklet that was sent out to everyone so that guests could follow along and contribute virtually.

Cass: What made you choose the wedding venue #1 in Italy?

Couple 2: After a trip to Europe and Italy in 2019 we spoke about how much we wanted to get married in italy in a small intimate ceremony with our immediate families (Before we were even engaged) After getting engaged in December 2019 the project manager in myself came out and before the end of December (with the help of great wedding planners in italy) everything was booked in and ready to go… Then Covid hit, and for the next 3-4 months we held on as much hope that we could proceed with the wedding we dreamed off but this seems to be falling out of our hands more and more by the day.. 
The hardest part about all of this was that it was a secret wedding, and we had planned a celebration in Melbourne after we returned, which meant that we weren’t able to talk about it with any of our friends until we knew the wedding was fully off. It was the hardest decision to accept, however it wasn’t really one we even had a choice in making. We have decided to renew our vowels once we are allowed to travel and this helped to accept the decision to ‘postpone’.

It made moments like this even more special, I felt honored to have documented this day for them.

Cass: Tell me about Wedding planning # 2?

Couple 2: After finally accepting that wedding #1 was not going to plan, we got underway with turning our ‘Celebration’ into a full blown wedding for October 2020 in Melbourne. All our vendors were incredible with the unknowns and constant changes but it only took a couple of months and we were back in the same position faced what felt like only a couple of weeks earlier with the Italy plans. We worked quickly and postponed to the end of January 2021 however the impact of the rapidly changing restrictions, we have taken a step back to what is important to us, which is getting married. We are now in the process of planning an intimate wedding celebration on this date with our amazing photographer (Cass) and a videographer to capture the moments so we can share these at a celebration once the restrictions are eased and we are able to properly celebrate. 

Their smiles say it all!

Couple 2: Factors that make it tough to consider:

We have interstate visitors who have booked travel;

  • We felt guilty about changing the dates and the cost of our friends and family traveling for our wedding, but they have been so accommodating (so have the airlines) so they have been able to reschedule. At the end of the day you aren’t changing because you want to, its because you have to. 

Making cuts to the guest list:

  • It’s very hard for people who aren’t going through this to understand wedding list cuts, it’s not something you are doing because you want to do but it’s something you want to do so you can proceed with your celebration. Most people are totally understanding but it doesn’t make the situation any easier. 

At the end of this we have come down to the following critical aspects about our day;

  • The day is about us, and we want to do what makes us happy, which is getting MARRIED. 
  • Under the current circumstances the only way we see this being possible over the coming months is having a small intimate ceremony with our immediate family with a photographer and videographer to capture all the special moments so we can share these with our friends who cannot be there with us to celebrate. 
  • The relief of accepting that your day is not going to be how you ‘planned’ and accepting that you need multiple options under current circumstances makes it alot easier to stop being disappointed if things don’t go to plan. 
  • Number 1 rule is do what is right for both of you, at the end of the day that is what matters the most. 
You can read more about Janine & Jacks Wedding Plans and the day itself on the soon to be feature at Ivory Tribe!

Thank you so much for reading! I am so excited to photograph love stories, esspecially these two! Intimate celebrations are super special, Janine & Jack really showed us that. Thank you to our couples for taking the time to contribute to this Blog Post. Love Cass xx

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