Episode 16: My intentions for the Podcast in 2021 & moving from Canon to Sony Cameras!


My intentions for the Podcast in 2021 & moving from Canon to Sony Cameras!


Welcome to Episode 16 on the Blossom For Each Day Podcast this year: ‘My intentions for the Podcast & my experience moving from Canon to Sony Cameras!’

I want to introduce the Podcast with a new routine! I had an extended break, longer than expected that’s for sure. But during this break a lot happened & life will never be the same.

I am now living in the moment, and investing time into myself, and my family, because I realised that I was giving a lot of my power and life energy away to other people. I am super grateful to have had the best summer break, we went away, spent a lot of time on the sand and in the water, had so many great catch ups with friends & family… as soon as Melbourne was out of lockdown, I have been non stop shooting, so it’s been a real ride.

I decided to do the Manifestation Babe Academy, which has shifted so many things into gear & I have 16 weeks left to go. I really can’t wait to see what comes to fruition out of this. If anyone has done or heard of an intention ceremony… I did it for the first time recently and it was so powerful, I instantly felt a shift! I am learning all about the manifestation process, and how to focus on manifesting positive things only. Not just for myself and my life, but those around me, and anyone who crosses my path. Including you, listening to this podcast! Otherwise known as The Collective.

Now I am back, I want to do a Book Recommendation every few Episodes. There were a few books of the summer for me, but one that stood out and I really enjoyed was ‘Honeysuckle Season’. A fictional novel, published in September 2020. I enjoyed it because the main character is a Wedding Photographer & it follows her family tree. It’s a book about generations of secrets, of loss, love and how it all intertwines in a small American town on the property of Woodmont Estate. I gave it was a great summer read, one that still provokes your thoughts, but is easy enough to enjoy while sipping tea or coffee by the garden, pool or beach. I particularly like novels that go from past to present tense, and this did that perfectly. It even has good ratings on Goodreads.

Another element to this season on the Podcast is sharing more about my business and photography. I want to share some insights when it comes to the Equipment I use, and in today’s Episode, I discuss my change from Canon to Sony! It was a big change I made when I decided to ditch the DSLR and move into Mirrorless.

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