Do you adore 35mm Photography? Wedding Photography Packages with 35mm Film!

Wedding Photography was all digital a couple of years ago, film was niche and hard to find in weddings. However, most professional photographers include it as part of their services, and you’d be crazy not to get it for your Wedding day. I am a Wedding Photographer, but first and foremost I am a creative fine art photographer. I have won several awards for my work, and I have a BA of Photography. I spent a lot of time in the darkroom processing film at school, and over the years I have built up an analogue camera collection with 35mm and 120mm film cameras. Are you a lover of 35mm Film? Well, if you’re getting married this one might be a good read for you!

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I include 3 rolls of 35mm film in each of my Wedding Photography Packages, starting from $4,800.

All of my couples who reach out to me about their wedding plans, adore that I include rolls of film in my packages. It was a no brainer for me to include it as a bonus to couples. Film is so hard to replicate in digital, I find it timeless, ethereal and nostalgic. The image below was taken at Kristen & Tysons wedding this year, and she adored this photo as sadly her beautiful Grandma passed away not long after the day itself. I saw her talking to her Grandma on the night, and I asked if I could snap the moment in film – I am so glad I did. I also documented this day in video, and I am so excited to share it when it’s ready soon!

The film analogue images are processed at Hillvale Photo Lab in Brunswick Melbourne, they arrive in your Wedding Gallery in Print Resolution (in 8×10″ size) so you can download and print them as you wish. There are 3 rolls of film included in all of my Photography Packages in 2024/25 – an added bonus to all couples working with me. It’s been an amazing addition to my services to far with all couples loving it.

I document all parts of the day in film, alongside digital photography, so you get a nice glimpse of your day in both. There are approximately 37 exposures per roll that you will receive, I shoot on Kodak Portra 400 film which I find to be the most to my style, and works nicely with my cameras and the digital gallery.

The image below was taken at Michelle & Jason’s Wedding at Port Phillip Estate on the Mornington Peninsula this year. This is one of my favourite wedding venues and I adore working there! It’s very close to home, but also the team, venue, food & wine is beyond comparable. Cassia & Levon’s Wedding was also documented in film alongside digital recently. They were so in love, and capturing their day in 35mm film was something I adored doing! They appreciated the craft as well, and you can see from the images how stunning they turned out on Kodak Portra.

You can see Isabella & Michael’s Wedding Gallery here. I hope you liked my blog post, feel free to visit my website to get to know me more: I’d love to chat about your wedding plans!

Love Cass x

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Documenting your day in 35mm film alongside digital

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