Episode 24: Director & Head Writer of Bossy Copywriting Alyce Greer

Bossy Copywriting

After applying & winning a role with Westfield as a Creative Writer 8 years ago, creating digital & blog content across Westfield centres Victoria wide, Alyce found her calling before she even knew it! Fast forward to 2016, she created her company, ‘Bossy Copywriting’ and quickly flew to success. Her resume speaks bounds, producing work for Fashion Journal, Solid State, Running Bare, Melbourne Central, just to name a few. Her creative approach to branding and copy stands out from the rest, it is authentic, bold, fun, playful and unique. Bossy is a copywriting supergroup, with writers from all around Australia & the world. Carefully assessing each project before assigning it to the most suitable writer/s. 

Directing from the website ‘We use strategy, psychology and creativity to develop unique voices and personalities that humanise brands. We flex our journalism and freelance writing experience to write blogs, articles, e-newsletters and other digital content. We shape words to create compelling website copywriting, from very-cheeky About Us pages to surprisingly-cheeky FAQ pages. And we practice our best editing and proofreading skills, so you can stop Googling where the f***ing apostrophe is supposed to go.’

I met Alyce in 2016 at Westfield, around the same time she launched Bossy, and got married to Ben Greer who also is the mastermind behind the Bossy branding and marketing material. We had so much fun shooting fashion content together! 


In our conversation we discuss..

  • How she found her passion in writing & where it all started
  • How Bossy Copywriting manifested
  • Hosting her own successful and incredible Podcast, The Bossy. Type
  • How she works with her team, and how she stays inspired while writing
  • What’s in the works for Bossy in 2021!!!!

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Discussion Links:
Bossy Copywriting Website
The Bossy Type Podcast
Bossy Copywriting Instagram
Alyce’s Instagram
Creative Market
Ben Greer Graphic Design

Thank you for listening to my Podcast, I appreciate you SO much. If you have a breakthrough after listening to this episode, please get in touch with me on cassandra@blossomdaisycreative.com & share your story or experience! Until next time, Love Cass xx

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