Episode 12: Leaving the Corporate Ladder & Finding Success with Alex Tempany

Alex Tempany Jewelry

Welcome to Episode 12 of Blossom for Each Day Podcast. I am excited to share with you ‘Leaving the Corporate Ladder & Finding Success with Alex Tempany’.

Alex has been creating jewelry since 2001. Over that time, she’s worked & explored the world, constantly taking the path less travelled. Alex and her team craft each piece by hand in Melbourne from precious metals, stones and antique artefacts such as coins. We crossed paths when she was getting married… you guessed it, I was her Wedding Photographer!

We had such a ball on the lead up and on the day of her Wedding, we instantly clicked, we giggled the whole way through each step of the process, of course, Tori Allen Events styled the whole event, you can see the feature here. At that point in time, Alex also transitioned into her Jewelry business full time. Almost two years later, she has created a brand that is established, loved and admired by her clients far and wide, creating bespoke pieces and collections that are inspired by her experiences and collaborations.

Recently becoming a mother, Alex has entered a new phase of her life, and in result, her business. It’s a super fun and exciting conversation, with Alex opening up about how she found her passion in Jewelry making, to what led her to dive into her business full time after years of contemplating taking the plunge! 

In our conversation we discuss…

  • How she found her passion in making jewelry
  • What convinced her to take the leap of faith and dive into her business full time!
  • How she finds her inspiration creating Bespoke & Collection pieces
  • How motherhood has shaped her creativity & productivity
  • How Alex is giving back, and her passion supporting women
  • & so much more… I hope you like our conversation <3

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Discussion Links:

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That bespoke ring Alex describes in this Episode!

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